18 Degree Xram Manifolds
Race Design - high injectors
Cast magnesium valley plate, twin throttles and
ramtubes/velocity stacks.
SB2 Chev Manifold   Low  Injectors
Billet aluminium valley plate, throttles,
manifolds,ramtube holders,
fuel rails, morrison linkages.
Spun aluminium ramtubes/velocity stacks.
Big Block 572 Chev. Xram
10.2 Deck height. Oval butterflies.
6061 billet aluminium. 3 part  ramtube /velocity stacks.
Aluminium billet 6061 T6- head plates, twin port throttles,
fuel rails, custom built linkages with custom designed 3
part ramtube - holder, spun alum. tube & m/c billet rolled
Old Style upright   
23 Degree EFI  Manifold
Cast aluminium valley plate & twin
throttles. Spun aluminium ramtubes/
velocity stacks.
Aurora V8 Xram
High Injector Race manifold
Billet aluminium 6061 T6- head plates
valley plate,throttles,fuel rails &
linkage components. Spun aluminium
ram tubes/velocity stacks.
LS1-C5R is the Race version
manifold. It has smaller ports on
the headplates and high injectors.
18 Deg XRAM design with spun ram-tubes
                    low injectors
This manifold has been used in a Camero
race car (NZ) & 2 race boats(AU)
LS series XRam Manifolds.
We are currently designing many of the LS series.
LS1,LS2,LS6,LS7. These will have the low
injectors - similar position as the SB2 Xram.
They will look very similar to the LS1-C5R.
New CANT Valve Xram Manifold.
Fully machined 6061 billet aluminium.
3 part ramtube.