THROTTLES   - Weber bolt pattern- IDA, IDF, DCOE,
             also  to suit.....Chev, Ford, Holden GM, Nissan, Porche, Ferrari, & many more.

We have over 20 years of assorted different throttles & ram-tubes/velocity stacks.
                     MORRISON CUSTOM LINKAGES...
Throttle levers, connecting bars, throttle stops, throttle return springs, bearing retainers, etc.
Assorted Head Plates-
M/C 6061 T6 alum. billet.
Rotator with rod ends & connecting bars
& brackets. (complete set) Top^  Bottom
Steel Spacers
Throttle Levers
18 deg Chev cast
throttle (siamese ports)
Rectangular butterflies.
> 3piece Alum. ram
tube/velocity stack -alum
ram tube holder, spun
extension piece, rolled
top - m/c billet.
> On a cast throttle.
Cast Chev  18 deg. Valley Plate- 1 piece
Insulator plates
Turnbuckle  & rod ends
M/C alum plate to suit
various manifold applications.
eg. top & bottom plates for
air cleaners.
Oval Ram Tube
Holder for Spun alum
ram tubes.
Single throttle - round butterfly
Top & side view. All of our
throttles have bearings which
the shafts slide through.
Assorted Valley Plates,  Head Plates               
                & m/c alum plate
Throttle Levers assembled to
rod ends & link bar.
Assorted linkage
levers,fuel rail
clamp & spacers,
"Morrison" rotary
Chev sq. twin
port butterfly.
Rectangular to
round, twin port
Un M/C Big Block
Chev Throttle.
Vacuum Rail & fittings.
4 in 1 Throttles on head plate with linkage - top view.
Anodised Billet Ram Tubes
We make butterflies to suit the
throttle - round, oval, rectangular.
Cast aluminium manifold with bolt on cast throttles & "Morrison" custom linkage set.
Linkagelever BB.
Our OVAL butterfly & throttle -
as in Big Block Chev, 671
4 in 1 throttles with levers & connecting rod.