MORRISON 9" Aluminium
Diff  Housing.
This is our design which is
reinforced around the bolt
hole face . We can m/c the
ends to fit 3" or 3.5"tube.
Assorted Aluminium & Magnesium  Bellhousings....
to suit.......   Ford, Chev, GM.
Most of our bellhouses are design to bolt onto the
"Holinger Race Gearboxes"- built in Australia but this can be
altered if required.
Aluminium castings - moulded & cast in our foundry. CNC  machined in our machine shop
                                     Parts for industrial air compressor units.
Chev Bellhousing- we have
assorted styles, including
reverse starter design,
short or long.
Ford Bellhousing-
magnesium casting.
Raw diff casting
front view.