SD & LA Morrison started in April 1978 as a partnership with Steve & Lesley Morrison. Since starting  our
business as patternmakers (Steve qualified, Lesley (his wife)) his apprentice, we have continued to develop new
skills & qualifications. (Steve - Toolmaking, welding, core making, robotics) With our combined experiences we
have grown the company in many directions all complimentary.
We started the foundry in 1986. In 1988, we
incorporated and became a company -
SD & LA Morrison Pty Ltd.

In 1989 we bought our 1st CNC machining centre. ( We had several manual Turret mills & lathes by this stage).
Steve & our foreman Scott had to learn new skill - manually programming for the new CNC machining centre.   (In
1989 there was no computer program developed that would do this job).

In the early 90's when we started designing manifolds for some of the Aussie V8 touring cars , we also
started developing the skills required for
casting magnesium as the race teams wanted the edge of the lesser
weight of magnesium castings wherever possible. Over the years we have developed the expertise in
& machining and tried to keep abreast with new technology as it becomes available.

In 2004 we started
"Morrison MotorSport" to promote our own designed & manufactured inlet
manifolds and aftermarket auto accessories.

We are now in the process of moving to New Zealand. We will endeavour to still help customers
with our manifolds and components but we may not be in a position to help everyone.
Tom (our eldest son) making hard
sand moulds and pouring aluminium.
Steve & Tom pouring magnesium into sand moulds.
Inside 1 of our factories.
Machining an aluminium
 compressor  casting.
Employee checking measurement
of part just machined.

Manifold designed on CAD
The History of our business.